The next change in your book can be a painting, meal or concert away!

I know, you want to be cooped up to write and not be told to get out, but give me two minutes, I also love shutting my study room and play some low chill vibes while I write. But if we are writing about characters who spend most of their time fighting villains, running through rough terrains, and interacting with trusted companions–shouldn’t we try to get out of rabbit hole every now and then?

I went to The Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco this week. I was there for a variety of reasons actually!

  1. Legion of Honor Museum
  2. Eat ramen in Japan Town.
  3. See Bloc Party at The Masonic!

If you write fantasy–you’re probably bubbling with various ideas for your work. Maybe you’re done and need to go through the editorial process. Sometimes you’re one push away from self-publishing or sending your manuscript to a traditional company. Amidst all of this, there can be several stories you have been itching to write, but there aren’t enough elements to give your idea gravity.

Kele Okereke from Bloc Party playing the Silent Alarm album at the San Francisco Masonic

For example, my book series The Black Wing will be stretching out for various volumes, the universe I built is enormous, so I am compelled to write outside of the series because I can’t cover everything in one volume—not when Merla and Serenata are the main centerpieces of the series! My new project has an active first two chapters. You can google anything these days,

but I still believe in experiencing for inspiration—not just looking for inspiration!  

The Thinker by Auguste Rodin

Remain in constant meta-cognition when you’re out, now is the time to start asking yourself ‘What do I see, hear, smell, and touch, and how can I create this into a scene or event in my story? Yes only you can give your character life, but it doesn’t hurt to try a new approach!

So what did my experiencing for inspiration did for me?

We parked a mile from SF Masonic and excitedly crossed the streets, waited for the lights, and groaned up and down the hill. I loved every minute of it, despite my complaining for wearing flats instead of comfortable tennis shoes (I never learn my lesson). As a result, I changed an important plot in The Black Wing because of it, and the more I looked around the less doubts I had! But you will have to find out what that change is, you will have to wait until much later in the series!