A Writer’s View on Black Lives Matter

When I read the history books surrounding the United States, I like to take my time and stare at the pictures. Being a visual learner, it was easy to absorb the solemn faces, the anger, and smiles amidst a chaotic moment. History depicted them in black and white or colored, exposing a frozen moment in time. It took me to the past, and it left me wondering.

“Did the people in the images know future generations would find them in text books?”

When I took these pictures, I not only attended to support my community, but to keep my ears open. I observed both sides, listening to what was coming out of the everyone’s mouth. Some of the words that were shouted surprised me, but it forced me to listen more. Then it made me think.

We are becoming the pictures that will be in our history books.

A sign held against the light of the police vehicles that lined in front of us.

The world has turned into clay, shaping the future. Whether you agree or disagree with the Black Lives Matter movement, I’m not here to convince you otherwise. But one day, younger generations will be asking you, this very same generation,

“Where did you stand when people had enough and took a stand?”

A boy and girl quietly holding their signs.

I find it silly that I fear our older-selves will lie. Just so we would fit the narrative of what is still an unknown outcome. I decided to talk about this because I have hope for progress, not a turn around or a U-turn.

History is happening right now.

With all due respect, now is not the time to be comfortable. There is a reason why the majority of images in our history books were not orderly or peaceful. And as an author, I should have expected it.

The Huelga bird waved among the crowd in support of BLM

Change doesn’t happen with aptness actions.

So as a fantasy writer, as a Mexican and Californian, I want to offer my solidarity, because it is without a doubt that the people of today make tomorrow happen.

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