Cady Hammer’s Chasing Fae, a book review.

Debut Author, Cady Hammer’s Chasing Fae, builds a three-realm system, the Upper realm, Mortal realm, and the Demon Realm. The story begins with Grace Richardson, a mortal girl who anxiously waits for her brother Leo to return from his mercenary job in the Fae World. Her call to adventure begins with the news that Leo’s death. Grace, who admired, and looked up to her brother, could not mourn, and her partiality against the Fae worsened when he was given no honor in his name. When Grace seeks her own answers, she learns more than she prepared for, and it is more than the three realms were ready for.

The first-person narrative inside Grace’s viewpoint allowed me to internally view the world, from how technology in the Mortal realm and how it varies from the Upper realm and most certainly contrasts the Demon realm. Grace is assertive and sure of herself, sometimes to the point that it gets her into big trouble. While I was reading through the book, I sometimes had to brace myself and say, “Don’t do it, Grace.” When she meets Aiden, a Fae soldier, she has to set aside their differences so they can work together. As the story progresses, many unanswered questions start to mold towards the middle and end. The ending leaves you content and excited of what is to come next.

Praise and Critique

I didn’t think there was a necessity of having two swords, except that I knew Grace used one. And I hoped there was a clear explanation of the magic tier system and how they worked in terms of power level and how accessories influence them. “I cringed” and “I rolled my eyes” felt too excessive to where they started feeling repetitive reactions.  

Hammer beautifully describes every scene Grace steps in, giving vivid details of the realms. Overall this is really a good book if you love everything Fae, love fantasy, slow-burning romance, and strong female protagonists. This is the perfect YA novel for you.

Overall Rating

Five Stars


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