The Hunted Prince : now available for preorder.

The universe of Black Wings is not complicated.

There are two worlds (Three if you include Osois) and a lot of characters.

In the volumes, we are slowly introduced to the main protagonist of the entire Black Wings series, Merla, daughter of Lola (Yes I need to put Volume 2 back on the store shelves but because I’m considering changing book covers, it will be on the back burner until I made a decision).

Then there are side stories, such as Lola and now, The Hunted Prince.

The Hunted Prince opens the door to the second world, vaguely mentioned in the prologue of The Birth. (Also mentioned in the last chapters of The Birth.) More on it is covered in The Conflict (Volume 2) however The Hunted Prince will figuratively go 300 on you and Spartan kick you into that world.


“Jaxon is over there, dancing with the fifth girl. I think he wants to do more than kissing from the sparkle in his eyes.” The dwarf pointed at the balcony where another party lighted the ceiling. “Forren is with his parents and those royal lots. Aristocrats, bah!”

“Aren’t you of noble blood?”

“I am from Mrothren,” he corrected. “We don’t have a chin too high in the air. Not like the dolts in Odisen or that son from Lord Dervan.”


“Yes, that piece of fine work.”

— Ryth and Gion talking about the second floor reserved for noblemen and women.

Introducing Ryth

Here you meet our protagonist, Ryth and his predicament for being the second born prince of Talon’arc. Again, this is not Earth, but a world of magic, dragons, witches, where the majority of the government system has a monarch head. You get the literary trope.

The Hunted Prince introduces Asylum (One of the many names of the second world) without the stereotypical main-protagonist-is-taken-to-another world. This third-person, omniscient viewpoint takes away the predictable encounter. You are already there, and everything that will happen in Book One will set the groundwork for our main protagonist, Merla. (Although in fairness you will discover a predictable character introduction at an unpredictable time.)

Narrating the first five chapters…oh so much fun.

Available for Predorder

You’ll have to wait for the release of The Hunted Prince, but you can get it at a sale price until the release date.