Hulgar: The Last Viking Review

Hulgar: The Last Viking

Issue # 1 – 33 pages

Written by Honors II

Cover. Letterer and Illustrator by  C. Thomas Anderson

Variant Cover by  Drew Pritchett

Published by Wikid Publishing.

The first Issue of Hulgar: The Last Viking takes place in Frida, Desem. A father duels with his son and shares why he is stepping down as King. A competition known as Ragnarök is not far, a woman with scars on her face and title of Lady Astrid in Avonar fights several warriors. She tests them in hopes to find someone worthy of participating. For the sake of not giving away spoilers, the first issue ends with a tug coming from both Desem and Avonar.

In history, you find the line to the throne a complex mess by many royal family members or clansmen in this case. This issue fits that niche, but it also offered a fresh perspective. The descendants of Vikings have long lived in peace, but tradition and the past, have not been forgotten. We find two characters who want to keep that and it makes me wonder what Hulgar will do.

The artwork is just…amazing. There is an equal distribution of shadow and line. Shifting from panel to panel was a breeze. There was some things that caught my eye on the backgrounds. On page 26, there was a cloth that was on the wall with no writing or symbol. Not sure if that was intentional or not but I noticed it! As for everything else, the details were my favorite, especially the strong facial features. Well done!

Rating ☆☆☆☆☆ 5/5

Overall this was a great enticing issue, and I hope to see what happens next!

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