Lucinda of the Flora Order

Lucinda is known for her grey hat, dark purple hair, sharp gaze, and a Raven on her shoulder. Today we will talk about Lucinda. Let’s start what we do know, based on The Hunted Prince.

In book one, Ryth meets Lucinda for a brief moment. He was sixteen, and though it’s not revealed in the book, she was fourteen when he attended the Dragon Trials.  As the Great Witch’s recent apprentice, she took the role of seer over the trials with her magic and the help of the fairies. All conversations from the participants were kept secret, but not to Lucinda’s ear. This was how she knew more about Ryth early in the book. She even gives him a nod of respect after the Dragon Trials, while he has not been given a chance to know her.

About six months later, Lucinda appears again when Ryth is on his way to the Eroga Lands. Olinda could already tell Lucinda fancied him and slightly teased her when she gave Ryth one of her strawberry tarts.  When Olinda and Lucinda seek answers from the wisps that roam Eroga, Lucinda eventually collapses from fatigue. After Ryth takes her to rest in the carriage, he discovers the shaken Lucinda make a bold *spoilers* move, but she quickly explains why she acted out of place.

“I was  frightened by what the dead said. When I saw you, I wanted to feel safe.”

Excerpt from The Hunted Prince

Lucinda is a very straightforward character, as she was not afraid to tell Ryth what she thought of him,  but you can also see some insecurities. She’s obedient to the Great Witch, and yet she cannot stand tall against her peers.

The Flora Order

Flora Order symbol

Sensitives (humans who can cast Stellar) can go to school to become a witch or wizard and serve the Order and answer the call for the Lunar War.

There are three types of classes that rank in both age and grade.

White hats: Girls as young as six to twelve can start as students of the Order. If they do not complete their requirements to become a grey hat by thirteen, they are dropped.

Grey Hats: This rank is interesting, as students can leave the boring confines of their boarding school and explore the world (with permission, of course). Grey hats are from ages Thirteen to eighteen.

Black Hats: As long as they don’t break any rules from the Order. Full fledge wizards and witches who pass their exams can serve a ruler as a counsel, start their own magic business, serve their school, etc.

In the Hunted Prince, Lucinda is a grey hat and is under the wing of Olinda’s teachings. This gives her the discipline to master her stellar.

Lucinda in The Grey-haired Princess

We will see Lucinda more in Book Two. This is especially the case when Ryth directly asks how she became a student of the Flora Order. Lucinda, however, is not fond of her past.  After a *spoilers* incident, her vulnerability breaks when she tried to sympathize with another character.

“…Sometimes the pain corks you, and you don’t know how to escape.” Lucinda’s stare froze at the ceramic bowl. All movements ceased. “Sometimes, no matter how much you try to forget, you’re reminded that you deserve all the illness of the world, that no pure essence of magic or spell will ever cleanse your sin.”

“Lucinda.” Ryth’s words brought her to gasp and look at him. “Are you okay?”

“Yes—yes, I’m fine,”

Excerpt from The Grey-haired Princess (Coming soon)

And that is it for Lucinda from the Brimson Lands, student of the Flora Order. There is still a shroud of mystery to this character’s past. Book two will unveil all suspicions of her past, but the rest will be revealed in book three.

Until then.