Isil Dervan

Isil Dervan is an independent city but is closely connected to Odisen, one of the first Dwarven establishments in the mainlands that came to be after the Dwarves were told to leave the Dragon Islands. Though the duke has a strong relationship with Odisen, some strain in the past led Isil Dervan to take an independent role.

When the port city of Isil was appointed a new ruler, his or her name was attached at the end. This Dwarven establishment was on the southwest corner of the mainlands, ruled by the Grand Duke, Lord Dervan. Every street and corner was rich in culture. Its citizens were known for their thick garments with blends of brown, gold, and red patterned designs.

Excerpt from The Second Born.
Born and raised in Isil Dervan, Cecily stares at her hometown as the sun sets.

Like most cities, walls keep citizens safe. During the early establishment of Isil Dervan, the Cyan Mountains nearby were home to stone trolls. Bad weather would summon these giant beasts down the mountain, forcing every duke or duchess to bear arms and force the trolls from their mountain. This could only be done by enchanting weapons with lighting. The tradition of carrying one lighting enchanted weapon has passed to each ruler. In Acacia’s case, the guards were uneasy about Pupo because they knew the bear was not someone to mess with but were unwilling to keep something so dangerously close to the city.

Pupo came to a sudden stop. Following it was Acacia’s smile. High on the city walls were guards aiming their arrows below. She didn’t like their rugged look—what danger did she possess against them. Then she looked at Pupo. The arrows were not for her. They were probably aimed at her bear.

Acacia’s first arrival at Isil Dervan in The Hunted Prince.

In The Hunted Prince, Isil Dervan is the only place Ryth is able to see the world from his life in the mountains. Over the years, he befriended Oregus, a blacksmith who runs a shop in the older districts and is close to his daughter, Cecily, who develops a crush for him. There are also characters whom he didn’t get along with.

Ryth scrunched his face and left the tavern. “And he calls me awkward,” he uttered. He waved at one of the Dwarves who had an empty seat in his rickshaw and gave him a coin. “To the Blaten District.”

The major roads in Isil Dervan were laid with red bricks and spread out like veins. It pumped with life by the carriages and private coaches. With no warning, the runner stopped the rickshaw, forcing him to hold on to the sides. A horsed neighed and pulled back before it collided with them. Above the white stallion was a grin from the only son of Lord Dervan, Darragh.

From the hunted prince

In the world of Altendria, there aren’t many Dwarven cities, this is why Isil Dervan is condensed in population. It’s wide country lands and small towns are nothing compared to the Dwarven kingdoms like Mrothern and Odisen.

Personally, it is one of my favorite cities. I may like Mrothern because of its mountains and dark themes, but if I wanted to have fun, it would be Isil Dervan. The people are kind and lively, and the place doesn’t have busybodies like the miners in Mrothern or strict rulers like the ones in Odisen.