Well, it’s 2021, and I’m about to send you back to a favorite children’s tale.

If you had to come up to me a year ago and tell me that I, Miriam Yvette, would one day write a retelling, I would have spat my coffee, shrug, and said sure. While I was putting away my fantasy clothes, I ran into my red hood and immediately thought of Little Red Riding Hood. Then naturally, like most creatives, a story started to unfold. What would happen if a perfectionist nineteen-year-old who lives with her rebellious aunt and strict mom encounters a wolf who doesn’t like being told what to do?

Every child fairy tale you’ve been told are lies.

Vina is about to finish her last year in college. Just one more semester, and she could set out for her long-awaited vacation. But on the hottest Sacramento weather, a strange wind slams her with her family’s old nemesis. He stands on his fours, is covered in black fur, and is known to have a taste for grandmas–or so they say. Start reading here.

Red Hood is a paranormal romance that takes place in our modern time, with fairy tale creatures, magic, adventure, and a lot of sass.

Exclusive for Kindle Vella, and the best part is the first three episodes are free!

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