Dragon of Mirrors, what to expect for the year 2022.

Hello lords and ladies. The new year is coming and an update is well on hand as the final two books of Dragon of Mirrors will be released sometime in 2022! Here is a little teaser of what to look forward to.

New Abilities

Just because Ryth has mastered the Blue Flame it doesn’t mean he can get through his hurdles alone. This accounts for our Acacia Muri and several other characters.

In the meantime…

The Black Hat is still ways from the official release date. But there are still lots of high fantasy, romance books to splurge in! The best part is they’re Free for Kindle Unlimited!

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More chapters!

The Hunted Prince and The Grey-haired Princes are each twenty-seven chapters long. The Black Hat will have more chapters, to push the final book of the series! That means more content, more stakes, and a lot to reveal!

Ummm…Urlen where are you!?

And lastly…a new EXCLUSIVE read coming soon!

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