Teleria, a review.

Teleria by Bronze Gayle is the first book of the Empyrean Hybrids trilogy.

The story begins in Alaska with Sorenia, an extraterrestrial, reminiscing on her life and the war surrounding her people. Awaiting the arrival of her niece, Allenia, War is ravage as Telerians, a higher species with telekinetic abilities and advanced technology, have invaded their fellow neighbors Rigelians.

It is through Allenia, who is also a Telerian that we uncover her frustration, as she is eager to end the war, even at the cost of her own life. Through her companions, a fellow Rigelian named Orba, a human named Alornek, and her Dracosubcinterian (D-Subs) serpent ‘friend’ Marmite, they embark on a galactic quest to stop the long and dragging war.

This book has delicious intimate scenes, as well as many sweet encounters. My favorite was how Marmite, nicknamed Marmie by Allenia, got his name.


Allenia is likable and easy-going, though sometimes naïve about how she rubs on people. One of them being Orba which leads to character conflict and growth! While she may appear to be this perfect character, she harbors a lot of pain, often cloaked with rage and fear. Her strange new powers uncover where her true relationship with Marmite stands, followed by a consequence they were unprepared for!

An overlooked sub genre!

Teleria is a Sci-Fi with Fantasy aspects, but it is also very strong in Metaphysical fiction. The story is deeply rooted in the supernatural and transcendence of the mind. While I learned about new species and their abilities, there were many mind-bending experiences! All of which made me sympathize with the characters and hate Odium so much more!

The book ends with the arrival of a new character, (in the physical sense!) I’m looking forward to the next installment, Dracosia!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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