Nestled with earth, but dimensionally apart is a world where the first dragon was born.

Earth and Altendria

Altendria is also the sister planet of Earth. They share the same calendar, season, time of day, and planetary size.

Life in Altendria

The mainlands are mainly run by monarchy. This was strengthen after the Elves, Dwarves, and Denoni sought asylum in Altendria. To ensure they were ready for the perilous new world, they proved themselves in the Dragon Trials.

Unlike Earth, citizens of Altendria can cultivate stellar. This allows them to fortify their abilities, cast spells, and control their elementals.

Elves, Dwarves, and Denoni are considered old races that existed thousands of years before Humans came. Their ability to cultivate stellar naturally gives them no assistance from exterior sources like wands, spells, and enchantments.

The Cardinal Points, the Order, and the Follow

Early in the Lunar War, Speakers, also known as the Cardinal points were selected by the dragons. Under Dragon Law, Speakers must refrain from putting their own interest and their country when representing their race. As ambassadors, they ensure all races are contributing to building strongholds for any upcoming Lunar War. During times of peace, they take missions, defend the weak, and are entrusted with many secrets.

The Order

The Order is made up of two schools. The Crimson Order and the Flora Order. Sensitives are humans who have the potential to harness stellar. Young witches and wizards to be are sent to the Order to master their craft. Between the ages of 7-12, they are known as white hats. Students age 13-18 are grey hats. To graduate from the school, students must earn their black hat. Wizards, however; are given a red hat.

The Follow

The Follow uphold Dragon Law, and are the sole users of Moon Magic. The Follow was created shortly after the first humans came to Altendria. They say that if you see the Follow a dragon is not too far behind.