Book Review: Wolf Hunter Inquisition: The Freeing of Chiropteran

A detective finds himself in a most uncomfortable situation. He is undergoing a fever, and the next, a mysterious woman with purple eyes sends him to solve a big case. But wait…now he’s a thrall and under her command!? Wolf Hunter Inquisition: The Freeing of Chiropteran, by author Miller Thomas, is a first-person, paranormal fantasy…

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Book Review: Interviewing Immortality

Interviewing Immortality by Bill Conrad starts with an alluring opening. Author James Kimble goes to a book signing, but his struggling gig as a writer turns into an unexpected encounter when a woman with youthful yet strange features comes face to face with him. Before his evening ends, he finds himself in her home, kidnapped…

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Lucinda of the Flora Order

Lucinda is known for her grey hat, dark purple hair, sharp gaze, and a Raven on her shoulder. Today we will talk about Lucinda. Let’s start what we do know, based on The Hunted Prince. In book one, Ryth meets Lucinda for a brief moment. He was sixteen, and though it’s not revealed in the…

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