Eden Boarding School Map

Lobby: First impressions are important, that is why fresh cut flowers greet you as soon as you walk through the door.

Visitor’s Room: Are you a guest? Do you have an appointment? Are you looking to adopt? Take a seat, the Assistant Director will be meeting with you shortly.

Light-ware Room: It’s important for children to be up to date with today’s technology. In the Light-ware room, students learn to use the world’s leading device in communication.

Sleeping Quarters: Are you a staff member at EBS? Tired of the ferry and have fear of heights? Check out a room to call it a night, no visitors allowed.

Leisure Space: A popular view of the island where you can see the read leading to the ferry and helicopter pad. Enjoy the ocean view on the second floor. Take a seat, read a book, or hang out with your friends.

Director’s Office: Eva if you’re reading this, you must stop finding excuses to come here.

Art Room: Children can learn the fine arts of painting, drawing, and digital photography. Any inspired drawings of Cynthia as a troll bridge will be discarded.

East and West Wing: Students need sleep too. How else do you think they have the ability to run around the halls?

Rose Garden: Find tranquility with the scent of rose pedals. Though it has a romantic appeal. Staff members, please be aware that cameras are in the maze, thank you.