Where did you begin your jouney?

I’m working on The Hunted Prince, Book One of the trilogy that will occur outside of the main story. Like Lola, another side story. I’m aware it can result in confusion in terms of time. On this page,I will update it as I get close to the pre-order date for The Hunted Prince.

Side Stories + Volumes + You

Side Stories

Side stories answers in detail what may be too early to say in the volumes series. It also keeps me from overloading them with information. Have you ever watched Naruto and seen episodes upon episodes of backstories? Side stories will divide the chunk into nicely compacted pieces.


The Volumes of Black Wings leads the main story, and brings the side stories together.


It is up to you to decide where you want start Black Wings, but I have to warn you. Side stories will lead to some unresolved conflict that will be concluded in the volume series.

More slices to give.

I will be careful not to force my readers to read the side stories if they don’t want to. But then, why should you read the side stories?

Black Wings is a story that follows a protagonist discovering other worlds, but those other worlds do not revolve around the main character. They have problems of their own, and their own monsters to overcome. As you read the Volumes you will find likable characters. Others will leave you wondering what happened led them to who they are now. Like a slice of strawberry cheesecake, side stories will be there to give you seconds, thirds, and fourths. Yum!

Warning: Please do not eat the books. They are edible, and do not taste like strawberry cheesecake.

How the timeline looks…so far…

The Hunted Prince

Book One of the Trilogy coming soon.

Year: Before 2050.

The Birth Volume 1

Lola and Avalon begin the journey in this volume, followed by Matthews.

Year: 2050 – 2056

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The Side story of Lola, with a short time jump to 2010.

Year 2050- 2010

The Conflict Volume 2

Merla and Mr. Helen continue Volume 2

Year 2056 – 2057