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The hunted prince is about to make the hardest decision of his life.

The grey-haired princess must mark her own path.

Now the black hat will come face to face with her greatest fear.

In the hot continent of the Brimson Lands, Ryth and his master, Luron, are investigating the strange migration of sensitives. On the sidelines, they wait for the time they could be reunited with Bora. Meanwhile, Acacia must bring Cestoria to justice by proving that her dear dragon remains as their captive. After meeting Enari, the firstborn prince of Talon’arc, she questions his strange admiration towards her.

As the Lunar War draws near, the Eastern kingdoms of the mainlands see more and more attacks from beasts and users of the dark arts. Under Romi’s supervision, Black Hat Lucinda is desperate to find the mastermind of these attacks. Not once did she think the sensitive-hating prince of Nual and his paladins could offer the aid she needs.

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