Children of Rima


Children of Rima

When a celestial named Rima defeated the calamity that tarnished the world, she didn’t return to the heavens. She took the form of a human and blessed her followers with mystical prowess, allowing them to cast away the darkness. Over the centuries, these gifted people became known as Children of Rima.

After the holy city of Aelith fell, Lucan cannot forget the horrors of that night. Living under an alias, he sought only the pleasures in life with no emotional attachments except for his bond to his childhood friends. When a murder attempt sends him adrift to a Riman village, he must now suffer a wound he cannot heal from. Desperate to reunite with his friends, Lucan must depend on the Harrow family to make the long, perilous road undetected. As if his wound wasn’t enough, he bickers with Elene, the village’s shunned non-believer, who refuses to trust him. But when Elene discovers one of Rima’s children has become ensnared in darkness, the journey may be more than she and her brother bargained for. It’s up to Lucan and his newfound allies to uncover the cause while hiding his true identity. For now, no one must know he is Rima’s descendant.  


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update list:

3-8-2023: Preorder date to be released in March.

2-25-23: Official Cover Reveal on February 28th, 2023.

Preorder date: Coming soon.

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