Dragon of Mirror Books


The Second Born is the prequel of Dragon of Mirrors

Dragon of Mirrors is the side series (or side story) of Black Wings

Black Wings is the heart of the entire series.

♛ Dragon of Mirrors is a high fantasy, character-driven adventure filled with mythical creatures, elemental, magic, and slow-burning romance.♛


Haunted by the death of his master, grief plagues Luron, the Speaker of the East. He finds solace on Spiral Mountain, that is, until he encounters a woman at the mercy of a werewolf… read more

*** The Second Born is the prequel to the high fantasy novel, The Hunted Prince. ***


Young Ryth has only his sword, speed, and fire elemental to his name. He lives in the mountains, training and cultivating stellar in hopes of becoming the Seeker of the East. When he meets the princess of Mensi, his lineage is unveiled. Ryth is not the human he thought he was. He’s a vampire, but not just any vampire. He’s a prince with a mark on his life. Using his sword and skills to defy his cruel fate, he must get along with his peers and reign in his Denoni instincts….read more


Two years after living in Kunitar, twenty-three-year-old Ryth returns to once again serve the mainlands as a Seeker. With the Blue Flame in his grasp, he reunites with his old companions. Questions arise when he discovers he cannot escape his connection to his twin brother, Prince Enari. But there is no time to find a solution. The Cardinal Points have been assigned to save Urlen, the Dragon of Mirrors. With his Trädal friend, Princess Acacia, leading the way, Ryth begins to wrestle with one fear. Nari’s blessing has made a danger…read more


The hunted prince is about to make the hardest decision of his life.

The grey-haired princess must mark her own path.

Now the black hat will come face to face with her greatest fear.

In the hot continent of the Brimson Lands, Ryth and his master, Luron, are investigating the strange migration of sensitives. On the sidelines, they wait for the time they could be reunited with Bora. Meanwhile, Acacia must bring Cestoria to justice by proving that her dear dragon remains as their captive. After meeting Enari, the firstborn prince of Talon’arc, she questions his strange admiration towards her.

As the Lunar War draws near, the Eastern kingdoms of the mainlands see more and more attacks from beasts and users of the dark arts. Under Romi’s supervision, Black Hat Lucinda is desperate to find the mastermind of these attacks. Not once did she think the sensitive-hating prince of Nual and his paladins could offer the aid she needs.

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