Every choice he makes leads him to her. But will it bring them close or tear them apart?

The young and reclusive Ryth must depend on his sword and fire elemental to fight for the title of Seeker. Eager to prove to his master that he can handle himself, he searches for the lost elven princess of Mensi. Her curiosity leads him to unearth a long-kept secret. Ryth is not human but a vampire. When they see each other again, he has matured, but she grows more stubborn and reckless. But when her country is invaded, Ryth is adamant about reclaiming her. If only he didn’t have to keep his one secret from her.

Princess Acacia never thanked Ryth for saving her, but she made up for it by offering him a bond of friendship! After all, making friends was always hard for her. When they reunite again, there is a different air about him. Is he still the same boy she met long ago? If only she could trust him with her many secrets.

  Dragon of Mirrors is a high fantasy romance series that opens a new world. Dive into a forbidden slow-burning romance filled with character-driven adventure, where mythical creatures roam the land and elementals stream out of skilled hands. ♛


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